Harvey Weinstein Fired After Sexual Harassment Reports


The Weistein Company fired its co-founder Harvey Weinstein on Sunday, in the midst of a growing sexual harassment scandal that has left his future in Hollywood in jeopardy.

The film company’s board of directors voted to remove Weinstein, leaving the company in the hands of his brother Bob Weinstein, and chief operating officer David Glasser, it was announced in a statement from the company Sunday.

“In light of new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has emerged in the past few days, the directors of The Weinstein Company — Robert Weinstein, Lance Maerov, Richard Koenigsberg and Tarak Ben Ammar — have determined, and have informed Harvey Weinstein, that his employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately,” the statement reads.

Weinstein has been under fire since a New York Times investigation uncovered decades of settlements stemming from allegations of rampant sexual harassment brought by former employees and associates, as well as accusations of improper sexual advances from actress Ashley Judd.

The producer has been a powerful force in independent film for decades, with his company bringing films such as Pulp FictionShakespeare In LoveThe Crying Game, and Cinema Paradiso to mass audiences. He had also cultivated an image as a political power broker.

Weinstein has quickly found himself without support in the entertainment industry, Variety reports. Well-known actors such as Seth Rogen, Lena Dunham, Brie Larson, and Judd Apatow have voiced support for Weinstein’s accusers while condemning Weinstein. Meanwhile, politicians such as Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Patrick Leahy have distanced themselves from Weinstein, routing his political donations to charity. Members of the creative community told Weinstein executives that they would continue to work with the company if Harvey Weinstein was removed, according to insiders.

Many of Weinstein’s employees and associates have also abandoned him. One third of the board quit on Friday. On Saturday, his attorney Lisa Bloom and advisor Lanny Davis resigned.

Weinstein did not agree to leave the company, an insider told Variety. He was fired for cause, with no financial settlement in place, after the board spent the weekend trying to work out a deal for him to leave.